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S4 E2: The Council of Jerusalem (AD49)

Welcome to Season 4 of Down Under Theology, a podcast equipping and encouraging Australian Christians to get down and under the theology impacting the life and mission of the church.

In season 4, we are sinking our teeth into Church History! We'll look at key moments in the history of the church and discover their significance for the life and mission of the church today.

In this second episode of season 4, we delve into the story of Acts 15 and the Council of Jerusalem. We take a look at what's happening in the church around 49AD, and why the church decides to call its first Council. We examine the ruling of the Council and discuss its impact on the church's understanding of the law, and how that has carried into how we live as Christians today. We also fast forward to 70AD overviewing the fall of the temple.

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  • Nick Rabe

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S4 Episode 2 – Show Notes

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