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S3 Bonus Episode 1: Did Jesus Say He’d Come Again? (with Dr Murray Smith)

Welcome to Season 3 of Down Under Theology, a podcast equipping and encouraging Australian Christians to get down and under the theology impacting the life and mission of the church.

In this special bonus episode, we're celebrating the completion of Murray's PhD! Murray has been hard at work answering the question of whether or not Jesus said he would come again. It seems like an obvious answer, but there is much scholarly debate about the issue. Murray takes us through the issues at stake as we pay careful attention to key passages like Daniel 7 and Mark 13. Do these passages refer to Jesus' ascension or his return? He then walks us through why his thesis matters for us today, and what he has learnt as he completed this major achievement. Well done Murray!

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  • Nick Rabe

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S3 Bonus Episode 1 – Show Notes

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