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S2 Episode 25: Jesus the Christ (John)

Welcome to season 2 of Down Under Theology, a podcast equipping and encouraging Australian Christians to get down and under the theology impacting the life and mission of the church.

In episode 25 we examine John's gospel. This fourth gospel is quite different to the other three synoptic gospels – perhaps purposely complementing the others? In this episode, we discuss the reason for John's gospel and its unique contribution to our understanding of Jesus. We talk about the “I AM” statements of Jesus, and other themes like Jesus' signs, eternal life, faith & love. We hope this episode encourages you to read and teach this book faithfully and fruitfully.

In Season 2, we'll be going over each book of the Bible, bringing out the big ideas, themes, and implications for the life and mission of the church.

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  • Nick Rabe

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S2 Episode 25 – Show Notes

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