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Down Under Theology is a podcast that equips and encourages Australian Christians to get down and under the theology impacting the life and mission of the church.

In Season 1, we worked through the chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith as a springboard for discussion about these important theological issues and their impact on the life and mission of the church.

In Season 2, we went over each book of the Bible, bringing out the big ideas, themes, and implications for the life and mission of the church.

In Season 3, we mulled over the Lord’s Prayer and the 10 Commandments and their impact in the life of the Christian today.

In Season 4 (the current season), we’re embarking on a trip through church history, discussing the implications of various events on the life and mission of the church today.

Get in touch with us at or tweet us at @dutheology.

Podcast Hosts

Allister Lum Mow

Allister is the ordinary guy of the show asking the “dumb” questions that everyone else is thinking. He enjoys learning to think theologically more and more as the show goes on.

Allister is the Operations Manager at Christ College, Sydney. He is married to Lisa and they have a beautiful young daughter, Sophie as well as a cheerful young son, Luca.

Outside of work, Allister loves playing touch football and savouring a home brewed cup of coffee.

Twitter: @allisterlm

Cameron Clausing

Cam is the systematic theology guy of the show and has quite an Australian sense of humour for an American. He brings a fresh perspective on the Australian context to the show along with many colourful bowties.

Cam is the Lecturer in Applied Theology and Missional Engagement at Christ College, Sydney. He is married to Taryn and they have two awesome kids, Grace and Calvin.

Vietnamese banh mi (pork rolls) are Cam’s lunch of choice. He eats them literally every day.

Twitter: @cam_clausing

Murray Smith

Murray is the biblical theology guy of the show providing great insight into how our theology is derived from deep biblical roots. Every question is a “great question” to him, and he gives suitably great answers.

Murray is the Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Exegesis at Christ College Sydney. He is married to Lynette and they have five (count them!) children, Noah, Ella, Jemimah, Calvin, and Levi.

Despite two too many crashes, Murray loves cycling and keeps getting back on his bike.